IfItCrawlsCall teams up with Canine Division

You may be on vacation to somewhere on the coast or maybe somewhere exotic.  You may be recently back and we hope you had a great vacation.  But are you 100% sure that you haven’t brought any blood sucking critters back with you?  I’m not talking about vampires (for all your True Blood fans out there) I’m talking about bed bugs.

Now I don’t want to put a dampener on your vacation, it’s bad enough going back to work and getting those Monday morning blues.  But these are things you need to think about. The US has seen a resurgence of bed bugs and they are more common that what you may think.

You may not know that you’ve been bitten as bites can take up to 14 days to appear and you may end up with some itchy bumpy marks on your skin.  You may not even know that you have them as they can go undetected.  They are sneaky little critters and will use you, the host, for a free ride or even your suitcase as a means of travel.  If you make sure you wash all clothes on your return and vacuum your suitcase then that can help eliminate them.

So what should you do if you want added peace of mind?  You could call a pest professional in like Four Seasons or HomeTown Pest Control.  Us mere humans only have a 35% likelihood of finding them.  That ‘s not because we’re being lazy because it’s too hot, it’s because if bed bugs have taken up residence in your home then they like to find crevices to hide.  It’s impossible for us to detect in these hidden areas and we can only inspect the areas we can get to.   Oh and by the way they breed.  A female bed bug can lay between 200 – 500 eggs in her life.  Before you know it you have a bed bug infestation.

So what’s the alternative?  A dog!  Yes that’s right a dog.  Why?  Well dogs which have been specifically trained to find them can detect bed bugs.  Dogs have between 200 – 250 million scent receptors in their nose so they know what they are sniffing for.  But bed bugs don’t smell!  They do.  They give off a musty-sweetish scent which the dog picks up.  So even though they hide in hard to reach and hard to see places, a dog can detect them.  Plus a dog has a dramatic increase in finding them with a 93-97% success rate of finding them compared to our 35%.  Those statistics sound a lot better right?

Bed bugs are nocturnal so they come out at night, a bit like the vampires (if you believe in that kind of thing) so if you have been bitten it will likely result in a visit to a medical facility because you won’t realise you’ve been bitten and you won’t know what it is.  Which is probably going to cost you some money to do so.  That vacation doesn’t seem like it’s got happy memories now right?

Four Seasons and HomeTown Pest Control have teamed up with Coastal Bed Bug Detection for their canine division.  We know a dog named Geezer and he is very good at what he does.  But that’s probably because he has a great handler, Rande Banks.

Dogs are alleged to be man’s best friend, and I can kind of understand why.  Anyway, if bed bugs are detected we can treat quickly and have the canine division come in for a re-inspection at no further cost, giving you further peace of mind that the bed bugs are gone.

Whether you are a hotel, motel, school, office or private residence and if you want that extra peace of mind, then contact us for further information or an over the phone quote.