Cockroaches certainly have the ‘ick factor

I was on a cockroach job the other day and got to thinking about these critters.  They gave me some inspiration to put finger to keys to come up with something other than the ick factor that cockroaches conjure up.

  The most common types in our region are the Smokey Brown, American and German kind.  You’d think the German would be native to Germany right?  Wrong, they are in fact native to Africa.  Smokey Brown’s are typically an outdoor roach but will occasionally invade the inside.

Anyway you probably know that they like to live in a warm environment and are generally more active in the warmer months.  So now that it’s hotting up you should be extra vigilant in your surroundings.  Cockroaches can usually be found anywhere there is food, water and a warm place to live.  Which probably describes most homes and business. They like the warmer areas of your home to live like in the kitchen, under the sink, behind the stove.  That kind of thing.  So it’s important to take extra care in the kitchen, making sure you that you don’t get complacent with sanitation. It only takes a sticky surface, or some crumbs on the floor to undo all your hard work.
Cockroaches are nocturnal and will generally come out at night to feed. I say generally because cockroaches like to avoid the daylight so if you see one in the day, then suffice to say you’ve probably got a problem. They aren’t fussy eaters either, they are scavengers and will go through garbage or sewerage for their food.  Giving you a nice mental picture here right?  Cockroaches prefer food sources such as sweets, meat products, starches and grease. However, they will also feed on plants, vegetables and fruits and eat almost any type of food, including; leather, beer, glue, flakes of dried skin, decaying organic matter of animals or plants, kitchen crumbs, paper, human dander  and much more.  So you see they really are scavengers!

So what about health hazards?  You’d be right in thinking that they are in fact a health hazard.  They can often trasmit numerous diseases to us mere humans, like salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid and many others.  They can also trigger asthma in some individuals too.  Because cockroaches can live just about anywhere and they can feed on just about anything it’s no great surprise that they are carriers for diseases such as those mentioned above.  Now to add insult to all that, many of us humans are allergic to their faeces.  Not that you’d go around exposing yourself to it on purpose of course, but if there is cockroach faeces around just inhaling particles of dust in the air that has been left by the cockroach can make you sick.  Cockroaches also give off a distinct smell which is quite unsavoury. 
So what measures can you put in place to avoid these plague carriers?  Well it’s common sense really, things like;

  • Storing all food in air tight containers
  • Storing garbage in bins with close sealing lids
  • Keeping all areas clean
  • Cleaning all dirty cutlery and cooking utensils and putting away immediately.
  • Never leaving uncovered food out at night because that’s just inviting them in.

I’d suggest not to try and tackle a roach problem yourself, where there is one, there is probably more. You need a reliable pest control expert who can be with you quickly and offer you an affordable service right?  Well we offer just that.  We do what we say, we’re experts in our field, we know our stuff, and we like to look after our customers and that means not charging you an extortionate rate.  We are ethical and we’re here to put your mind at rest. 
If you see something that Crawls and you want peace of mind then contact us.