Ants in the Kitchen for North Carolina Homes

Ants in kitchen

Summer isn’t only about vacations, ice cream and days at the beach but it also means increased insect activity, such as ants in the kitchen, or more bees and wasps buzzing around outside.  Sightings of ants in the kitchen is one of the top reasons people initially contact us.  Over recent weeks these calls have increased for homeowners throughout the Outer Banks and the Tidewater area with concerns of ants in their kitchens and homes.

Get rid of ants in the kitchen or your home

Different species of ants include black ants, fire ants, crazy ant, odorous house ants and carpenter ants.  All are pretty similar in that they forage for food and water leaving a pheromone trail for others to follow, which can lead to an infestation.  If there are pavement ants or carpenter ants then these can get into the structure and cause even more problems.  By following some simple steps you can deter ants in the kitchen and home by sealing cracks and crevices around your home such as around windows, doors and baseboards.

If you do see ants in the kitchen or any other part of your home, we don’t recommend you spray them.  Yes it will get rid of the ones you see, but it’s won’t resolve the ant issue.  The trail has already been left by the scouting ants and it’s important to get to the source of the ant colony in order to completely get rid of ants in your home.

If you have an ant problem click or give us a call, we give an If It Crawls Guarantee on all our work and cover Hyde, Dare, Currituck, Camden and Pasquotank counties as well as Hampton Roads and Tidewater areas.