The aftermath of hurricane Irene

In the aftermath of hurricane Irene what is this going to mean for pests and insects?  Probably the last thing on your mind if you have been affected by Irene and you are probably wondering what this has to do with pest control.

Well with the hurricane came all the rain, which is going to leave very damp conditions for pests to thrive in.  Crickets being one of them.

As a quick tip guide we’ve put together some sound information that can help you to avoid crickets as well as other pests that likes to make your home theirs.

  • Keeping your lawn well mowed and eliminating weeds from your plant beds surrounding a home will limit their harborage.
  • Leaves and other organic debris should be removed from around the structure.
  • Items such as bricks, lumber or firewood stored near the building should also be removed.
  • Garbage cans should never sit directly on the ground, they should be raised above the ground on pads or bricks.
  • Crickets like to enter the home under doors because of improperly fitted thresholds and weather strippings.   Doors should be tight fitting.
  • Potential entry points such as clothes dryer vents, basement window frames, plumbing or electrical entrances should be caulked or screened.
  • Crawlspace vents should be equipped with tight fitting screens.
  • We mentioned the recent rain from Irene and like other insects, crickets prefer to live in damp conditions, or near a water source.  Keeping this in mind and repairing any leaking pipes and using a dehumidifier in a damp basement can make it less attractive for them.
  • Crickets are generally nocturnal however outdoor lighting such as porch lights or strongly lit windows really attract the field, house and ground crickets.  Outdoor lighting should be used as little as possible and it’s best to use “insect repellant” yellow lights or sodium vapor lamps which are less attractive to insects.
  • In most situations if crickets are in the home then an effective removal which is often overlooked is the vacuum cleaner.

With the recent hurricane Irene passing through, both Four Seasons and HomeTown Pest Control hope that local residents of North Carolina and Virginia have not been badly damaged in her wake.

If you have any pest control questions or even pest control problems, then please feel free to contact HomeTown Pest Control and we’ll be happy to help.