Tis the season that’s for sure

Well it’s been an interesting week and you sure can tell the season is here.  So many calls coming through, the lines are hot I tell ya!  Our customers are reporting a lot of swarming activity so lots of termite inspections and treatments taking place.   Other pests that we are seeing activity with are ants which are native to Virginia and bed bugs are also on the increase.

  Not only have we been manic with jobs, we’re slowly updating our website so our presence is felt on the big WWW.  We hope that you will have a bit of patience with us whilst the content is uploaded and do hope that you will check back at regular intervals for updates.

We want our site to be fresh and up to date, and informative for you.  

It’s going to get busier as it’s spring and all the bugs, pests, beasties or whatever it is you like to call them, are becoming more active.  No matter how busy we are, we will always take a call and go out of our way to help.  It’s our job and because we are a family run business, we take pride in our work, we like to deliver excellent customer service and ensure our customers are happy.  So if you spot anything or just want peace of mind, remember our slogan If It Crawls, Call and contact us.

On a side note, Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control and its employees, are sending their prayers out to the tornado and flood victims.