ant infestation - fire antsWhat are ants?

Ants are social insects and live in colonies, so similar to termites there are different groups of ants that perform different tasks within the colony.  The colonies comprise of a queen and workers.  There are over 700 types of ants in the US, although the number which infest homes are dramatically less and only around 20-30.  Unlike termites the body shape of an ant is identified by its head, thorax and abdomen and they also have an antennae.

Ants in North Carolina and Virginia will forage any type of food but are typically attracted to sweet flavors.  They can get in to our foods which in turn contaminates it making it inedible to humans.  Ants will also bite when threatened and not to mention can damage our properties too.


Why do I have ants?

Ants are a pest, especially if they get into your home. Carpenter ants can cause structural damage. As the name suggests, they tunnel through wood when they are making their nests.  Other ants found in Virginia and North Carolina don’t cause a public health risk but can contaminate food, which should be avoided.

There can be a number of varying factors such as water or food sources, landscaping or easy entry points into the structure.  Getting to the bottom of these will help in an effective ant removal program.


Getting rid of ants in your home or structure

In order to get rid of ants, knowing the behaviors, characteristics and different types of ants is important.  It may be that their nest is some way away from the structure or entry point and this is what you have to eliminate.  Some ants, specifically the fire ant will sting repeatedly and if you are allergic to insect stings, then the reaction can be more severe.

Four Seasons and HomeTown Pest Control have the expertise in identifying and finding their nesting site.  Once found we can assist with treating them.


What can I do in the future to prevent ants?

If you have tried to get rid of ants yourself using a bait or repellent, then it may be that other issues need to be resolved as well like;

  • Reducing moisture sources including any condensation and leaks.
  • Caulk any cracks and crevises around the foundation of your home.
  • Store firewood away from your home – pests like to nest in stacked wood.
  • Move debris from the structure.
  • Changing landscaping or crops to discourage them.

Ants - Ant infestation


Can I get rid of ants myself?

Trying to get rid of ants yourself can end up having detrimental effects.  Over the counter sprays have a tendency to disperse ants from their original colony and head them off to make new colonies.  It’s best to leave ant removal to the experts such as Four Seasons and HomeTown Pest Control.  We know what we are looking for and can easily identify species of ants in order to find their main nesting site.


Fast, effective ant removal

We can give you peace of mind with our pest control maintenance program.  During our regular visits we can eliminate possible nesting sites and treat problem areas before they escalate into something bigger.  Alternatively if you have seen ants in your house and you just need us one time for an ant infestation then we can help too.  Either way our ant removal service is effective and fast.


Let the experts at Four Seasons and HomeTown Pest Control get rid of ants for you with our fast and effective ant control. Contact us today to find out more.