Termite Prevention

Termites – Damage Control

Termites cause billions of dollars of damage each year.  However, there is currently no known method to make a building termite proof. Termite prevention control techniques exist to make structures less vulnerable to termite damage and open to termite attack.

Termite Prevention Tips

  • termite prevention - avoid wood contactAvoid any wood to ground contact.  Any outdoor wood posts or porches should be supported with a concrete base at least 6″ off the ground.
  • Where wood to ground contact is unavoidable ensure the wood is treated with the correct preservatives.
  • Store any firewood, landscape timbers, compost piles and other cellulose materials as far away from the structure as possible.
  • Avoid any shrubs, vines or trellises against the siding and foundation.  Heavy vegetation traps moisture which makes it conducive for termites.
  • Decorative mulch should be used sparingly.  Termites are especially drawn to the moisture holding properties of mulch.  You should also avoid contact with wood siding or framing of doors and windows.
  • Termites are attracted to moisture so ensure any leaking pipes are repaired.
  • Remove any standing water from the roof or near the foundation.
  • Ensure any downspouts are free from blockages.
  • Lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems should be adjusted to prevent any water pooling near the foundation.
  • Moist or humid crawlspaces promote termite damage.  Termites are able to construct longer shelter tubes in crawlspaces.  Putting down a vapour barrier can help.  Four Seasons and HomeTown Pest Control can assist with this and also offers other moisture control services.
  • Ensuring crawlspaces are properly ventilated.  Vents should be free or leaves, dirt and debris and should not be obstructed by shrubbery.
  • Seal any cracks and holes in your home’s foundation to eliminate easy access to termites.

Termite prevention techniques is one of the many important factors in staying termite free.  If you would like a termite pest control inspection or you would like more preventive termite control information then please contact us and we’ll come out at a time to suit you.