New switching service – save now and join!

Ok, so we don’t want to blow our own trumpet, but we’ve come up with a great idea. We’ve had alot of feedback from customers about when they start to think about changing their current pest control exterminator, and that’s generally after the summer season.

We believe that everyone has the entitlement to a great pest control service and that you shouldn’t settle for anything else. So we’ve pondered this and have developed a new Pest Control Switching Service.

If you leave your existing pest control provider and come to us and stay with us for 6 months, we’ll give you a $50 credit to your account.  We do this, because we’re so sure about our services that you won’t want to leave us.  On the back of that, we also offer a referral program for your friends and family.  Which means that as a new customer, they also get the benefit of a $50 credit to their account, but you also get a further $25 per household.  That’s right, per household, so you can refer as many as your friends and family as you like and be $ in.

We’re trying to do our bit to help in the downturn and even though this is a small gesture we hope it will go a long way to saying thank you for joining us.