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Four Seasons HomeTown spiders at Halloween

A Halloween Pest to Cause a Fright

Black widow spiders Have you ever wondered why spiders are associated with Halloween? Folklore says that if you see a spider on Halloween, it means the spirit of a loved one is watching over you. It could also be due to their huge dislike of us humans and their creepy factor, or maybe it's because of their eight legs. One spider which does evoke fear in homeowners is the black widow spider, which is one of the two…

Four Seasons HomeTown writing spider

Migrating Spiders in North Carolina

We've received quite a few calls regarding migrating spiders this past month. The eight legged creatures seem to be migrating and appear to be quite bad around water fronted properties. The good news is that most spiders are good spiders and will eat insects and bugs. Interestingly spiders are not an insect they are an arthropod and belong to the class arachnid. There are some spiders which us humans fear more than others, the black widow and…