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Mosquito Control Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Rain combined with the warm weather makes conducive conditions for mosquitoes. The mosquito requires an aquatic habitat for their early development stages. Effective mosquito control begins with the first step in simply removing standing water sources from your property. So if you have tried to get rid of mosquitoes yourself and are wondering why you still have them, this may be the reason why. Get rid of mosquitoes Below is our checklist to reduce activity in your backyard…

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Are Mosquitoes Using You as Their Next Meal Ticket?

There are thousands of mosquito species from the tropics to the Arctic. All of which probably pose the greatest threat to human life. Diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue fever and encephalitis kill and debilitate millions of people worldwide every year. Most mosquito species require a blood meal before they can produce a batch of eggs. The female mosquito demands quantities of protein to build and nourish her young. Which is probably why she has such a…