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Three Facts Homeowners Need to Know About Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees come in 500 species across every continent except Antarctica. That's all very well and good, but what do carpenter bees mean to homeowners? What Homeowners need to know about carpenter bees Well, there are three things a homeowner needs to know about carpenter bees: Carpenter bees are not active all year round. In fact, they hibernate during the winter and cooler months and emerge in the spring. Male carpenter bees do not have…

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Top 3 Pests to Watch Out for This Labor Day

Are Pests Going to Bug You This Labor Day? With Labor Day just around the corner, you are probably busy making plans to be away or maybe finalizing a get together with your family. With any vacation day, especially if a cookout is involved, being vigilant against pests is a key factor to ensure the cookout is a success. So what pests are active at the moment? Pretty much everything is still in full swing but…

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Enjoy a Sting-Free Summer

Now that summer has arrived and the weather is hotting up, many of us are heading out to our backyards for cookouts with our friends and family. It's easy to attract unwanted stinging insects as well as other pests. As an ethical pest control company serving both North Carolina and Virginia, we realize the arrival of summer means these pests can hinder your enjoyment of the warm weather and lazing by the pool. We've compiled some tips on…