Our Team


Tommy is the owner of both companies. He started Four Seasons in 2001 with just one customer and over the years the company has grown and expanded their offering to Virginia in 2011. Tommy worked for one of the bigger companies but decided to branch out on his own after seeing the way customers were treated. Everyone who knows Tommy will tell you he is a nice guy, and that’s because he is. Tommy is married to Sarah and has four girls, with another one on the way,  Two grown with one involved in the business. When not working Tommy can be found piddling around the yard as he loves being outdoors.



Danny RoffDanny joined Four Seasons in 2007 and is one of our senior technicians. He is classed as a local as he’s been in the Outer Banks since he was one year old. Danny’s customers love him just as much as he loves his job. Danny is married with a daughter and loves family life as well as the outdoors.



morgan jump four seasons pest control obxMorgan is a motivated, compassionate, and an enthusiastic young woman. Or so she tells us!  She is our youngest technician with the hopes of one day managing the company when Tommy retires.  Not sure if Tommy will ever retire but Morgan is hopeful!  Morgan graduated from home schooling has a degree in professional photography. After living away from home for three years, she decided to move back home to Currituck and started working for the family business.   Morgan loves her job and puts herself in the bugs shoes, so to speak, to get to the root of each pest problem she is faced with.

Morgan spends most of her free time bugging her family and eating all of their food; you can also find her at home with her polydactyl car, sleeping or watching Netflix.


Natalie Williams

Natalie has been with us since 2012. She worked in our office for two years but always longed to be in the field. After some prodding, Tommy finally let her try her hand and become a registered technician in 2014.

Natalie has since discovered that she has an absolute passion for pest control! The nerd in her just loves the science behind it all. She is forever researching insects and their habits as well as keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. Don’t let her feminine appearance fool you, Natalie is right at home in the field, be it crawling under a house looking for termites or manhandling a varmint in an attic.

When she isn’t working, Natalie enjoys her time with her wife and four boys. You never know what adventure they may get into!


Joey WeathersbeeJoey is our technician in Virginia and has eight years pest and termite control service under his belt. He loves his job and the best thing he likes is his involvement with the customers. All of which love him equally back. Joey is married with four children and when not spending time with his family, he loves bass fishing, basketball and baseball – although not all at the same time.


Sarah JumpSarah is married to Tommy and is managing the Virginia office. Originally from England (anyone who’s spoken to her on the phone will notice she’s not from round here) she moved over here to be with Tommy. After discovering and learning about the business Sarah put her marketing knowledge to work. When Sarah isn’t working she’s spending time with her young family, cooking, getting lost in a novel or finding things for Tommy to fix around the home.