Do you have mice in your home?

Rats and mice are very active during this time of year, and with the cooler temperatures rodents use this time to find a cosy place to hang out over the winter months.  Your home provides them with the perfect place to do this and if they can get inside, then it’s even better for them.  You may already have mice or rats in your home and not realize it, from the basement to the walls and attic of your home, if they can find a way in they will.  Here are some signs that your home is being used by rodents or that you may have an infestation;

  1. Signs of gnawing in cupboards with food or around baseboards.  Rodents chew and will even gnaw on insulation, wallboard and electrical wiring.
  2. Noises such as scratching, gnawing or squeaking from the walls, kitchen cupboards or attic.
  3. Rodent droppings are a sure sign of rodents being present.  The droppings will look like to dark brown grains of rice and will be found anywhere the rodent has been.  Obvious places are in the kitchen, or in and around kitchen drawers and cupboards.
  4. Areas with clutter or places with debris – these are attractive areas for mice and rats and are an open invitation for feeding.
  5. If the home is heavily infested then there may be a presence of a strong musty odor.

All of the above are signs of a rodent infestation.  With any pest, rodents carry disease and disease can spread throughout your home affecting you, your family and your pets.  They can contaminate your food as well as cause structural damage to your biggest asset, your home.

If you have any doubt and would like peace of mind, then give us a call.  We cover the whole of the north east of North Carolina up to the south east of Virginia. We can help eliminate mice and rats from your home quickly and advise how to avoid future rodent infestations.  Our If It Crawls Call Guarantee is there to give you year round peace of mind 24/7.