Are Mosquitoes Using You as Their Next Meal Ticket?

Four Seasons HomeTown mosquito feeding

There are thousands of mosquito species from the tropics to the Arctic. All of which probably pose the greatest threat to human life. Diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue fever and encephalitis kill and debilitate millions of people worldwide every year.

Most mosquito species require a blood meal before they can produce a batch of eggs. The female mosquito demands quantities of protein to build and nourish her young. Which is probably why she has such a veracious appetite. The female is also capable of producing between 50 to 500 eggs in her first brood alone. The lifespan of the mosquitoes is between a few weeks to over 100 days dependant on the species.

Mosquito larvae must have water to live in. Any object that is capable of retaining water for five or more days is a potential breeding site. In terms of objects around your home that are potential breeding sites then things like flower pots, barrels, tin or aluminium cans or old discarded tires are all culprits.

Mosquito control tips

These tips can in aid in better mosquito control around your home:

  • Screen doors with the appropriate size mesh.
  • Screen off any chimneys or other vent flues, but ensure they are removed during winter when fireplaces or stoves are in use.
  • Keep doors shut (obviously).
  • Fix any leaky plumbing that results in pooling water.
  • Check roof gutters for any blockages or sagging which could indicate pooling water.
  • Ornamental garden ponds are a prime place for mosquitoes. If you stock the Gumbusia in your pond and don’t over feed them during breeding season then this fish is more likely to feed on the mosquito larvae and proving an effective control to mosquito breeding.
  • For any tin cans left outside, punch holes in the bottoms of or remove both ends and flatten them.
  • Remove old car tires – these are one of the primary sources used by mosquitoes in the urban environment.
  • Prune any dense shrubbery and vines around the home as these encourage a resting site for a variety of mosquito species. Pruning them will encourage sunlight making it unattractive for mosquitoes.
  • See that cesspools, septic tanks, rain barrels and tubs in which water is stored are tightly covered and that open cisterns are covered or screened.
  • Once a week empty and thoroughly wash bird baths.
  • After rains, check flat roofs to see that no water is pooling and remove if possible.

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