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Top 3 Pests to Watch Out for This Fall

Now that fall is here, you may be thinking that you're safe from pests until spring. Think again! Some pests are more active during the cooler months and some pests are active all year round. Here are our top 3 pests to watch out for during the fall months. Termites Termites in fall you say? Yes, and in winter.... spring.... summer. Termites are active all year round. They eat 24/7/365. They don't sleep, they just eat and reproduce, eat…

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Infested by Fleas

It's been a while since my last post and that's because we've been busy moving offices in Virginia and dealing with all the calls coming in. I've been thinking about what topic is really relevant for the month and I was inspired when I saw a TV show the other week about insect infestations in peoples homes. This particular episode showed a family home being infested by fleas which was caused by opossums. Apart from…