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Four Seasons HomeTown trapped raccoon

Knotts Island Raccoon Pest Control

Proper Raccoon Removal Methods Knotts Island Raccoon Pest Control or the Procyon lotor, are often labeled as a nuisance animals. Although they are sometimes portrayed on TV as cute, furry creatures, many urban homeowners have encountered several problems involving raccoons. Often viewed as pests, raccoons have grown accustomed to living in or near human homes. They would tear roofs, destroy insulation panels and papers just to get inside the attic and establish a habitat there.…

Four Seasons HomeTown Indian Meal moth

Thanksgiving and Pantry Pests

Thanksgiving is nearly here and you're probably prepping the turkey and all the trimmings, getting ready for a big family dinner. Probably the last thing on your mind is pantry pests, which includes the Indian Meal Moth, Cigarette Beetle and Saw Grained Tooth Beetle. You may have already come across a pantry moth or beetle or what we term as pantry pests, in your cabinets whilst reaching for some flour to do some seasonal baking.…