Cockroaches of North Carolina – The Scavengers of the Insect World

Cockroaches in North Carolina are nasty little critters, not only are they elusive but they carry so many germs and pathogens which get transferred to us and our environment. The Smokey Brown Cockroach and American Cockroach are native to this area and our technicians are seeing an increase in them, which is probably due to the weather warming up. Cockroaches like to live in warm surroundings and anywhere with food, water and harborage. Cockroaches are the scavengers of the insect world and will eat anything from sweet foods to meatier meals and other things in between such as pieces of dried skin, human dander as well as the more obvious crumbs in the kitchen.

North Carolina cockroaches carry a whole load of health risks with them too. Because they are scavengers they pick up all kinds of nasty things in their travels, especially if they have visited the sewers. These are then transmitted to human areas including food. They can transmit diseases such as gastroenteritis, salmonella, typhoid and dysentery. Not to mention the allergens can severely affect asthmatics which could potentially result in a visit to the emergency room.

How to get rid of cockroaches

Four Seasons HomeTown German cockroach
  • Cockroaches are after food, water and harborage so having good sanitation can assist in deterring them. That doesn’t mean to say that excellent sanitation will make you cockroach free but it will certainly assist you.
  • Because cockroaches are scavengers and nocturnal, make sure that your kitchen area is left tidy and clean. Wiping up any spills on counter tops as well as any spillages on floors or shelving. Give the oven a clean too. When we cook, food items splash which could be part of their next meal.
  • Any foods should be stored in tight fitting lidded containers. Including any dinner leftovers, store them in the same in the refrigerator.
  • Ensure garbage is taken out on a regular basis and stored in a sealed lidded container.
  • Ensure any dirty plates or cutlery and cooking implements are cleaned and put away after using.
  • If you do see the odd cockroach then vacuum them up. However, make sure you empty the vacuum outside.
  • Fill any holes or nooks and crannies on the outside of your home. Thereby eliminating an entry point for them. Additionally any cracks around sinks and fixtures mounted to the wall or floor should be caulked.
  • If you have a damp basement then have a vapor barrier fitted to reduce humidity.
  • Reduce any heavily cluttered areas. Cockroaches like to hide in stacked boxes and cardboard materials.

The main thing to remember about roaches is to eliminate and reduce any food, water or harborage areas. By tackling those you are helping to deter cockroaches.

The good news is that we do specialize in cockroach control so if you are in any doubt, give us a call. We cover cockroaches as standard as part of our maintenance programs, but we can also cover one time treatments to resolve any cockroach issues. Whether you live in North Carolina or Virginia, we cover from Ocracoke, Kill Devil Hills, Elizabeth City, Moyock, to Newport News, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Willamsburg. Many of the household pests are covered by our IfItCrawlsCall Guarantee, so why not call or click today.


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