Getting Rid of Ants

Spring is in full force and the insect world is a hive of activity. You may have spotted little black ants in your house or you may have tried getting rid of ants with no success. Unfortunately ants are notorious for finding their way into the home especially when they are on their search for food and water. Read on to find out tips on getting rid of ants in your home.

Getting Rid of Ants

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Ants are one of our top 5 household pests and we’ve put below some suggestions which may assist you in getting rid of ants and keeping them out of your home:

  • The majority of ants will feed on sweets, meats and greases. To deter them, wipe up any spills and crumbs from counter tops and floors. Not forgetting any shelving for spillages and the oven for any grease.
  • Put leftover food in sealed containers with tight fitting lids and store in the refrigerator.
  • Don’t leave sugar, honey or butter out and open on counter tops or tables.
  • Don’t leave any pet food out for extended periods of time. When your pet has finished eating, remove and store or dispose of the leftovers.
  • Remove piles of paper which could potentially provide a nesting site for ants.
  • Store household garbage away from any ant infested site. Ensure you use sealed bags and containers and that the garbage is emptied on a regular basis.
  • Eliminate excess moisture by repairing leaky taps or roofs. Replace any wet or rotten wood.
  • Caulk cracks and crevices around the perimeter of your home which will deter ants in the home.
  • Bring limited amounts of firewood into the home. By doing so you avoid any overwintering ants entering your home.
  • Check any houseplants you may have for aphids and eliminate them. Aphids secrete the honeydew that ants like to eat.
  • If you are bringing in any cut flowers from outside then check for ants and other bugs first.
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed back from the house.

If you have an ant infestation then let us help. We can quickly find the ant trail and treat them with one of our effective ant control solutions. As part of our maintenance service we cover ants as standard, and ensure that any possible nesting sites are treated before they become a bigger problem like an ant infestation.

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