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Whether you own a home or a business, you don’t want to share your property with mice, spiders, bees, ants, cockroaches, and other types of pests. Not only is having pests at your residential or commercial property unsanitary, it’s not exactly pleasant to look at either. Some of these critters, such as termites and wood-boring beetles, can do incredible damage to the structure of your home as well. Our company is pleased to offer pest control in Hampton Roads VA and the surrounding communities. After all, you bought your property for yourself and not to share with unwelcome pests.

Our Residential Pest Control Services

At HomeTown Pest Control, we understand that your home is your biggest asset. It’s where you spend time with your family and look forward to relaxing at the end of a long day. Nothing can ruin your valued free time faster than looking over to see an ant colony, rat, or a bunch of spiders. In addition to detracting from your enjoyment of your home, these pests can threaten your health and that of your family members with their droppings and spreading of bacteria.

Perhaps you have a one-time pest removal need or you want to keep up with an ongoing prevention effort. In either case, we can help by providing professional and affordable pest control in Virginia Beach VA. Our proven method of pest control will eliminate all types of pests from your home, including wood-boring beetles, termites, wasps, centipedes and more. Best of all, we offer pest control in Chesapeake VA that poses no risk to children or pets. We also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which means we will come out at no extra charge if you find any type of pest between scheduled applications.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services

You always want customers to have a favorable impression of your business, especially when they visit it for the first time. Unfortunately, someone who sees cockroaches and other pests isn’t likely to return. It’s especially important for business owners to take a proactive approach to pest control in Suffolk VA. With easy access to online reviews, it just takes one person spotting vermin or insects at your business to let hundreds of others know about it.

HomeTown Pest Control serves many different types of businesses, including property management, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and government buildings. We will meet with you to learn more about your business and specific pest control issues before customizing a plan to eliminate any existing pests and prevent them from taking up residence in your commercial property in the future.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that the need for pest elimination doesn’t always happen at convenient hours. We are pleased to offer pest control in Portsmouth, Virginia after hours to meet your needs. HomeTown Pest Control also offers quick turnaround times so you can get back to running your business and not worrying about how pests might be ruining it. We are honest and ethical in our assessment of your commercial property, meaning we never try to sell you services that you don’t need.

Another concern as an employer is that having rodents and other pests on your property puts the health of your employees at risk. It’s bad enough that this leads to lost productivity, but you could find yourself facing a workers’ compensation lawsuit if the employee feels you knew about the issue but did nothing to ensure a safe workplace.

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We are here for both home and business owners in Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and other nearby Virginia communities. Please contact us to schedule a review of your home or business or to request pest control services. Please contact us at (757) 382-0102 to discuss your pest control needs, ask additional questions, or schedule your initial consultation.

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