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It’s been a while since my last post and that’s because we’ve been busy moving offices in Virginia and dealing with all the calls coming in. I’ve been thinking about what topic is really relevant for the month and I was inspired when I saw a TV show the other week about insect infestations in peoples homes. This particular episode showed a family home being infested by fleas which was caused by opossums. Apart from the fact that the pest control professional who had been called to deal with the issue was really lame, and made me feel like it’s these type of people give the real professionals a bad name.

Anyway, I’m digressing we’ve had a very mild winter which is an opportune environment for them to survive. It’s not been cold enough to kill of the eggs and any surviving fleas from last year.


  • Have a spring clean and give your home a thorough vacuum.
  • Any area where a pet may have been, then vacuum that area. Including any seat cushions on sofas.
    • Once done then empty the vacuum immediately in a secured area.
  • Remove any pet bedding and wash with hot soapy water.


In order for any flea treatment to be effective, a pest professional such as HomeTown will apply an effective flea control product. Any pets should remain outside of the area until advised.

Remedial works

Fix any screen vents to avoid any rodents entering your home.

Pet control

It’s important to keep pets such as cats and dogs up to date with their flea prevention medication. Not only are you helping them to remain healthy but you are avoiding fleas and other more serious issues such as blood parasites. I had one customer who had an indoor cat which had contracted fleas. The cat was bitten and in turn ended up with a blood parasite. The cat was fighting for its life as its liver had started to shut down due to its white blood cells working over time trying to fight the parasite. Luckily the cat was taken to the veterinary in time and was treated with a course of antibiotics and steroids.

Options for regular flea control with pets are:

  • Flea collars
  • Soaps
  • Dips
  • Flea tablets

Most flea control products contain a flea growth regulator and in order for these to be effective then the whole area needs to be treated first.

Opossums and what should have happened

Going back to the TV show and the opossums, the family did not have a family pet such as a cat or a dog and the pest professional did not carry out a full pest inspection to ascertain where the fleas were entering the home from. I realize this is very easy for me to sit back and say on what the pest professional should have done but he really didn’t do his job effectively. Whether or not this was dramatized for the sake of the TV show or not is debatable.

Peace of mind

Four Seasons HomeTown guarantee

By having a reliable pest control professional like Four Seasons and HomeTown carry out your pest control services, we can advise you of any potential entry points as well as any problem areas and how to address them. Our IfItCrawlsCall guarantee gives you peace of mind, and it does what it says so you know exactly what you are getting. There aren’t many companies out there that will give you that, in fact many of our competitors charge for additional call outs.

If you have a flea infestation or if any other bugs are bugging you, let us care of your problem. Whether you live in the Currituck, the Outer BanksSuffolkVirginia Beach, or Chesapeake we can help you be flea and bug free.


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