Mosquito Control Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Rain combined with the warm weather makes conducive conditions for mosquitoes. The mosquito requires an aquatic habitat for their early development stages. Effective mosquito control begins with the first step in simply removing standing water sources from your property. So if you have tried to get rid of mosquitoes yourself and are wondering why you still have them, this may be the reason why.

Get rid of mosquitoes

Below is our checklist to reduce activity in your backyard and help you get rid of mosquitoes:

  1. Standing water from recent rains should be eliminated – any area where rainwater can collect for example blocked guttering, should be fixed ensuring the water flows away from the house.
  2. Check your yard for harborage areas – get rid of any old containers and used tires. If keeping any old containers then turn them upside down so they can’t collect any water in when it rains. Old tires are a classic hiding spot for the larvae, if filled with water then empty.
  3. If your lawn dries out from all the rain we’ve had, don’t be tempted to over water it. Standing water is a source for mosquito eggs.
  4. Ensure doors are properly screened. Make a walk around your property checking each window and door for any screen damage.
  5. Fish will eat mosquitoes. Consider an ornamental pond which will help reduce mosquitoes.
  6. Wading pools and swimming pools should either be emptied or covered.
  7. If you have a boat or a canoe, cover it up or turn it over.
  8. Ensure ditches are cleared of any debris, enabling them to drain properly.
  9. Empty and refill birdbaths once a week.
  10. Fill in mud puddles.
  11. Rain barrels should be screened at the surface which will prevent mosquitoes laying their eggs.
  12. Use sodium vapor and/or yellow bug lighting outside instead of mercury vapor lighting.

Mosquitoes in Research

Recent research has shown mosquitoes carrying the malaria parasite are three times more attracted to human scent. So when you are outside getting all hot and bothered or cooking on the grill, the infected mosquitoes will hone in on your scent and use you as their meal ticket, possibly infecting you with the virus.

Mosquito Control

The good news is we at Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control do mosquito control yard sprays, which can dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes you have. Follow our simple steps for removing all standing water sources combined with a regular mosquito control yard spray and you are sure to be mosquito free.

Four Seasons | HomeTown provides pest control services in Dare, Currituck, Camden, Hyde, and Pasquotank counties up through to Newport News, Chesapeake, Gloucester, Hampton and Virginia BeachPortsmouth, Suffolk and Williamsburg. Enquire with your local technician or contact us today to find out more about our effective mosquito control and other pest control services available in your area.


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