What are cockroaches?

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Cockroaches are one of the oldest insects around having been around for around 300 million years. Wherever humans survive, so can some cockroaches. Over the thousands of species, less than a hundred live close enough to humans to be seen by them.

Cockroaches range their habitats from moist, dark areas to relatively warm and humid environments. North Carolina and Virginia cockroaches are one of the largest. As well as being a social insect, cockroaches are also nocturnal.

Types of cockroaches found throughout the Virginia and North Carolina includes the American Cockroach, Smokey Brown Cockroach and German Cockroach.

Why do I have cockroaches?

There may be a number of reasons why may you have cockroaches. They are typically found in or around food areas or areas with moisture like kitchens and bathrooms. They may have found a way into your home and decided to nest and copulate. A cockroach infestation varies in size. They are a tenacious pest and are very unlikely to ever be an endangered species. If you have a cockroach infestation then it’s highly likely that you are going to need professional help to get rid of them. Additionally they like to hide in cracks and crevices and can be hard to find their nesting site.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Yes, cockroaches are considered dangerous. Cockroaches release allergens which trigger asthma and there are reports that one in five children in the US have sensitivity to these allergens. Cockroaches also spread bacteria, pathogens and parasitic worms. They transfer these germs whilst walking about from area to area and can pass these on to food sources people eat. Cockroaches are carriers of salmonella, a cause of food poisoning, typhoid as well as pneumonia, gastroenteritis and dysentery as well as a number of other diseases.

Getting rid of cockroaches in your home or structure

Cockroaches are elusive and like to hide. If you see one or two at night, it’s likely that you haven’t seen them all and there are more lurking in the shadows. Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control have the expertise in identifying and finding them. Once found we can assist with treating them.

What can I do in the future to prevent cockroaches?

Effective cockroach management depends on good sanitation to eliminate food, water and harborage for their survival.

  • Clean up in the home and office should be focused on residual food, around trash cans, microwave ovens, refrigerators and other areas where food is exposed.
  • Reducing clutter such as stacked boxes and cartons and eliminating damp areas such as fixing leaking water pipes will all help deter them.
  • Cracks around sinks and fixtures which are mounted to walls should also be caulked as well as fixing any screen vents around doors and windows.

Can I get rid of cockroaches myself?

The first step in getting rid of cockroaches is proper sanitation. In addition, it has been found the over the counter formulas simply don’t work and are not effective. If these formulas are misused or mixed incorrectly then then can cause problems with humans, pets and plants. It’s best to leave the treatment of cockroaches to a pest experts such as Four Seasons | HomeTown.

Fast, effective cockroach removal

Getting rid of cockroaches of any kind can be difficult unless you know what you are looking for. Due to the nature of diseases these carry, it’s best left to a professional like Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control. We offer a fast and effective cockroach control as part of our maintenance program.

Let the experts at Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control get rid of cockroaches for you with our fast and effective cockroach control. Contact us today to schedule your free pest inspection or to set up an appointment.

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