What are fleas?

Four Seasons HomeTown fleaFleas are a small, wingless insect, flattened from side to side that infest on the hair coats of mammals or the plumage of birds. Adult fleas have piercing mouth parts which they insert on to their host and feed on their blood. There are more than 2,400 species of fleas worldwide. However only a few infest dogs, cats or rodents. Fleas are capable of transmitting disease such as plague, murine typhus, bartonellosis and tapeworms. Additionally fleas are well known for their jumping ability.

Why do I have fleas?

The emergence of an adult flea can take weeks. It may be that your pet has recently been boarded at the kennels or you may not have a pet, and you have introduced them to your home from somewhere else. Conditions need to be optimum for fleas to survive so it may be minutes or hours before you notice them.

Newly emerged fleas which are located in carpets or outdoors often bite humans, before finding their preferred host. If may also be that you have a flea infestation in part of the house be it attic, basement or crawlspace, even your yard brought by stray cats or raccoons. When these mammals vacate the property the emerging fleas enter the home in response to the presence of human and his pet.

How can I get rid of fleas?

Apart from the fact that they are uncomfortable when they bite, as well as the potential diseases they spread, fleas are difficult to get rid of as they have been brought in from an outdoor source. Our expert technicians will work with you to treat your home with a flea spray.

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What can I do in the future to prevent fleas?

  • Wash pet bedding and any rugs on a regular basis.
  • Vacuum pet sleeping areas to remove eggs and larvae.
  • Seat cushions and pillows on sofas should be removed and vacuumed. Making sure the crevices and underneath the sofa are also be vacuumed.
  • Any area where the pet has direct access to should be vacuumed thoroughly.
  • Screening foundation vents to help keep rats and other pests out from under the house.
  • Avoid letting your pet seek shade under the house on a hot day – this can lead to a rapid build up of fleas.
  • Use a flea preventative solution from your veterinary.

Can I treat for fleas myself?

Due to the nature of fleas and finding the entry source, do it yourself flea treatments are not recommended. Treatments such as foggers have been known to be misused and caused death to humans. On that basis, we always recommend using a professional like Four Seasons or HomeTown Pest Control for a home flea treatment or other pest control service. Over the counter pest products just don’t work and are not effective in the treatment of fleas.

Fast, effective flea treatment

Getting rid of fleas and treating them can be difficult. Unlike other companies, fleas are covered under our common household pest program. If you have a pet then just treating them will not get rid of a flea infestation in your house. Your veterinary can supply you with a leave-on treatment for your pet which should be used in conjunction with an effective flea management control program.

Let the experts at Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control get rid of fleas for you with our fast and effective flea control. Contact us today to schedule your free pest inspection or to set up an appointment.

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