What are termites?

Four Seasons HomeTown termites workingA termite is an insect with six legs with its body divided into three main constrictions of its head, thorax and abdomen. Termites live in colonies and divide their work amongst the castes or specialized members. All individuals within the same nest work for the common good of the colony. The members of the colonies move in passageways that are hidden from sunlight and the subterranean termite requires a constant supply of moisture. Each termite colony has a distinct odor which enables the members to recognize nestmates.

Subterranean termites are the single biggest economic pest in the United States, and are particularly active in Virginia and North Carolina. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year to homes and buildings. Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control can help you get rid of termites in your home or business with our termite control inspection and service.

Our termite control service has been designed to treat and eliminate termite infestations and prevent any future activity. If you have ever wondered how to treat termites yourself then termite control is a specialist field. Rather than try and get rid of termites yourself, you should leave it in the hands of a pest control professional like ourselves.

Why do I have termites?

Termites will feed on anything which contains cellulose and subterranean termites are one of the most destructive. Termites not only like to eat homes and buildings but will also consume books, documents, photographs, and anything else which contains cellulose. They also eat non stop, 24 hours a day. They have existed for over 55 million years and are very good at what they do.

Termites vs ants

  • Ants have an angled antennae whereas termites have a beaded antennae.
  • The front wings of flying ants are larger than the back whereas termite wings are all the same size.
  • Ants have a constricted waist whereas the termites waist is broad.

How to treat termites

Due to the damage they cause, it’s important that you have your home thoroughly inspected for termite activity if you see any signs of an infestation. Additionally, it isn’t recommended to try and treat termites yourself. The investigation and treatment is a complex process. Home treatments are known to be less effective and if the chemicals are mixed incorrectly they can be dangerous to plants, animals and humans. For that reason we recommend using an expert like ourselves.

How much does termite treatment cost?

There are several factors which contribute to the termite treatment cost. In order to give a correct price, we visit your home or property and make a full assessment. Once this has been done we can advise you on how much the termite treatment will cost. Rest assured, we have a fair pricing policy in place and we give you the best price available. Some of our competitors have been known to compromise the product. We guarantee we don’t follow this kind of unethical behavior.

What can I do in the future to prevent termites?

Termites are difficult to prevent but there are corrective and preventive techniques that can help deter them and we can advise you on this. Once your property has been treated you have peace of mind and you are guaranteed for 12 months. After the 12 month period you have an option to extend the warranty of the termite treatment.

Our termite control process

  • We visit your property to ascertain if you have termites by completing a thorough termite pest inspection of your premises.
  • If we find signs of termite activity, we take you through your options giving you a recommendation and estimate.
  • We schedule a visit to treat your property. Depending on what type of property you have, you may not even need to be there when we treat for termites.

Our termite control guarantee

We keep up to date with the latest products in the industry and use the most effective termite treatments available.

  • We guarantee you will be termite free for 12 months after the termite treatment has taken place. However, if there are any signs of termites after we have treated, then we re-treat at no extra cost to you.
  • After the 12 months you then have an option to take extend the warranty of the termite treatment.

Together, we are helping get rid of termites and keeping the homes of North Carolina and Virginia termite free.

Let the experts at Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control get rid of termites for you with our fast and effective termite control. Contact us today to schedule your free pest inspection or to set up an appointment.

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