Signs of Termites

There are three possible ways to identify a termite infestation or termite activity. The following are signs of termites:


The presence of winged termites emerging indoors or from the building exterior is often one of the first signs of termites. Swarmers are attracted to light and are often seen around windows, doors, light fixtures and vents.

A large number of discarded termite wings may also be noticed on window sills or floor and even in spider webs.

Swarming normally takes place between March and June. However, termites have been known to swarm as early as February in the North Carolina and Virginia areas.

Wood Damage

Signs of termites in wood may be soft wood packed with mud residue. The wood would break apart very easily. A knife blade or screwdriver can easily be inserted into timber that has been hollowed out by termites. If termites are active then termite workers and soldiers will be seen.

Mud Tubes

Four Seasons HomeTown subterranean termite tubeVisible signs of termites would be mud tubes. Mud tubes are earthen shelter tubes extending from the ground to the wood. This is most obvious when the tubes extend over concrete foundations or other exposed surfaces. However, these tubes can also be less visible running along cracks, joints or behind obstructions.

Tubes are earth-like in appearance and are composed of small particles of soil and partly digested wood glued together to form a tube.

Mud tubes are usually the diameter of a lead pencil or slightly smaller but may reach up to 1″ diameter where foraging activity is heavy.

Mud tubes can be broken open to determine if termites are present. If none are present then further observations can be made to see if it is repaired or rebuilt.

Having termites, or any kind of pest infestation for that matter, can be a serious problem for you and your property. At Four Seasons | HomeTown Pest Control, we understand the importance of what this means for our customers. We are available to suit your needs and always ensure we abide by our core values. Our termite services are backed by our IfItCrawlsCall guarantee – if after treatment you are still not rid of termites, then we re-treat at no additional cost to you. Contact us for your free home termite control inspection.

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