German Cockroaches – Pest of the Month

Four Seasons HomeTown German cockroach

German cockroaches give other cockroaches a bad name. It’s one of the hardest pests to get rid of and has been in existence for around over 300 million years. They can survive a lethal dose of radiation 6 to 15 times higher than humans as well as survive without their head for a week. Interestingly it’s not because they have lost their head that eventually kills them, it’s the fact the decapitation will have turned to sepsis and infection leading to it’s demise.

Given the right circumstances German cockroaches can multiply exponentially. They can complete their whole life cycle in about 100 days. A single female and her offspring can produce up to 100 million cockroaches in one year, if in an optimum living environment. Additionally the German cockroach can develop resistance to insecticides extremely fast and it’s important to reduce their potential population growth by removing food, water and harborage (the three things they need to survive).

How to Eliminate and Kill German Cockroaches

We don’t recommend trying to get rid of German cockroaches without some professional pest control help. They are quick to breed, elusive and the kind that trigger allergies. However, following the below guidelines is a key element to their elimination:

  • Cockroaches like to hide in stacked boxes, cartons, stored paper and cardboard materials. Reduce clutter and clean the areas where these items are stored.
  • Caulk any cracks around wall mounted fixtures, around plumbing, cracks near where food is prepared, around electrical fixtures.
  • Check for leaking pipes in the bathroom and kitchen areas and fix any potential problem.
  • Clean up any residual food in and around coffee machines, microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, trash cans and other areas where exposed food is stored.
  • Screen crawlspace and basement doors.

An effective cockroach management program depends not only on good sanitation, but also an integrated pest management approach which a pest professional, such as us, can assist you with.

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