Termites – Pest of the Month

Four Seasons HomeTown termites in foundation

Termites are out in full force and the calls continue to come in. Like last year, termites are swarming early – seen as early as February. Swarming is one of the visible signs.

What is a swarmer?

A swarmer is where the termites will leave their existing colony and pair up with another to create a new colony. Thus a new king and queen are created and their job is to reproduce for the new colony.

Swarmers are attracted to light which once paired up with a mate they lose their wings. You may see discarded wings around windows or even in spider webs.

Other visible signs are mud tubes and wood damage.

If you have any of the above, then it’s too late as termites are already present. Each colony can contain tens of thousands of termites with the king and queen producing more each day.

Termite prevention

Although there is no way to make a structure 100% termite proof there are two options to assist in termite prevention; liquid treatment or installation of an interceptor and bait system.

Liquid treatment

This is a highly effective treatment which is used to prevent, as well as treat an existing problem. The liquid treatment is dispersed around the property or affected area ensuring a thorough treatment. The liquid treatment kills existing termites pretty much instantly. With our liquid treatments we offer an annual renewable warranty giving you further peace of mind for termite prevention.

Interceptor and bait system

This is also a highly effective solution but works in a slightly different way. As the termites are foraging for food, the system intercepts them thus drawing them away from the property. They then consume the “food” which is placed in the bait station. They return to the colony to feed others within it. The bait stations are checked for activity at regular intervals and the “food” source is renewed, if applicable, during these inspections. This is a highly effective method of termite prevention.

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