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Four Seasons HomeTown Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner! You’ve probably already started decorating your home, or you may just be thinking about making a start. You may think that pests are just a warm weather nuisance, and some are, however there are pests that are year round.

Tips for pests during the holidays

  • If you are getting your decorations out from the attic or basement then check your storage boxes for signs of rodents or black widow spiders. A box of tinsel provides a cozy place to hang out over the winter months.
  • Christmas generally means a time for over indulging with presents and plenty of food. Your wrapped presents can also provide a safe haven for rodents, they just love paper and will gnaw away and use the paper for their home.
  • Regarding food make sure any left overs are stored away in the refrigerator, as well as cleaning up any crumbs. This is an open invitation to rodents and provides them with an easy food source. Staying on top of this will help restrict potential access.
  • Waste collections over the Christmas period can be irregular. After a few days of sitting around, food begins to smell as it starts to rot and decompose, which in turn attracts pests. Ensure that your outdoor waste is sealed to deter unwanted pests.
  • If the log fire has already been lit, ensure any firewood is stored away from the property.
  • When it comes time for taking down your decorations, ensure they are stored in plastic sealed containers, which makes it harder for rodents and other pests to penetrate into.

If you are planning on going away after the holidays, your home could be extending an open invitation to pests if you don’t follow these steps. It doesn’t take long for pests to breed and you may find that you have a bigger pest problem on your return.

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