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Mosquitoes Be Gone From My Virginia Home!

Okay, so I'm a Brit and my delicate skin now has a lovely glow thanks to the recent weather, but I have these little scabs on my arms, feet and legs, and no it's not a skin disease. All I can say is mosquitoes are a pain in my butt; well not butt, but you get my point. As a True Blood fan then it wouldn't be so bad if I was being eaten up by…

Four Seasons HomeTown tropical storm Beryl

Tropical Storm Beryl Brings Rain and Potentially More Mosquitoes

Tropical Storm Beryl is heading to Virginia and probably the last thing on your mind is how this affects the insect world. Oddly enough the tiny critters have a knack of knowing when bad weather is coming and put full speed on their tasks at hand. So which insects are most likely to be affected? Pretty much all insects, however with the rain is going to come standing water which is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. This in turn…

Four Seasons HomeTown mosquito feeding

Are Mosquitoes Using You as Their Next Meal Ticket?

There are thousands of mosquito species from the tropics to the Arctic. All of which probably pose the greatest threat to human life. Diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue fever and encephalitis kill and debilitate millions of people worldwide every year. Most mosquito species require a blood meal before they can produce a batch of eggs. The female mosquito demands quantities of protein to build and nourish her young. Which is probably why she has such a…