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Four Seasons HomeTown springtime bumblebee

Pest Activity Increases as Spring Arrives in Virginia

The first day of spring in Virginia arrived earlier this week and we have seen increased activity in the insect world. I've mentioned before in earlier posts that we've had a mild weather which has in turn had a knock on effect on the insect world. This week I've received calls from customers concerning termite swarmers, carpenter bees, spiders, wasps, and rodents. With the weather warming up insect activity is definitely increasing. For many insects spring sees their emergence…

Four Seasons HomeTown cookout

Enjoy a Sting-Free Summer

Now that summer has arrived and the weather is hotting up, many of us are heading out to our backyards for cookouts with our friends and family. It's easy to attract unwanted stinging insects as well as other pests. As an ethical pest control company serving both North Carolina and Virginia, we realize the arrival of summer means these pests can hinder your enjoyment of the warm weather and lazing by the pool. We've compiled…