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Bed Bugs and the Top 10 North Carolina Myths

I hope that you never have to deal with bed bugs in your lifetime as they are nasty little North Carolina critters which are extremely sneaky and like to hang out in hard to reach places. If you do find yourself in bed bugs situations then here are some facts and myths which may just help you in the long run. 1. Having bed bugs means there are hygiene issues Myth - In 2004 a nationwide survey…

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Bed Bugs, Bed Bugs…. Everywhere

Night night, sleep tight.... I recently received a call from a new customer requiring a bed bug inspection as they thought they may have bed bugs. So I went round and did my thing. It transpires that they had bought a second-hand couch and love seat from a reputable charitable organization. Upon inspection, this was the root of the problem and as a result, her house was riddled with bed bugs. Bed bugs are back with a…