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Four Seasons HomeTown squirrel

Kitty Hawk Squirrel Removal

Do you ever wonder why in movies and television shows squirrels are shown as cute, bubbly and harmless animals? They eat cake, candies and if you think about it they are portrayed as having the same food preference as you! They are just playful animals wanting to have a good time. They do not destroy anything in these shows. But Kitty Hawk residents with squirrel problems know better. Squirrels can easily invade your much loved…

Four Seasons HomeTown removing snakes

Removing Snakes in Frisco Is a Job for a Pest Control Pro

Getting rid of snakes in your Frisco yard can be a nightmare, but there are some techniques that can really work. While some snake repellents are tried with crossed fingers sometimes they don't always help. But there are some things you can do to achieve the goal of ridding snakes, or at least reducing them before contacting your Frisco pest control company. Changing the environment of your yard is one of the easiest things to do to repel snakes. These…