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Four Seasons HomeTown Christmas

Pests at Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner! You've probably already started decorating your home, or you may just be thinking about making a start. You may think that pests are just a warm weather nuisance, and some are, however there are pests that are year round. Tips for pests during the holidays If you are getting your decorations out from the attic or basement then check your storage boxes for signs of rodents or black widow spiders. A box…

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Pests to Watch Out for This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and you'd be wrong to think that you won't have any pest problems until spring. Spiders, earwigs and other insects are looking for a cozy place to live during the winter months and your home will provide them with everything they need to survive. Taking a few extra steps can help keep them out. We've put together a list of the pests to watch out for this winter and how to deter…

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Rodent Proof Your Virginia Home

We spoke a couple of weeks ago about pest proofing your home for winter. With cooler weather on its way, it's best to prepare now in order to keep them out. Rats and mice can cause serious damage to Virginia homes and structures. The damage often includes broken insulation in walls and/or ceiling, electrical wiring gets chewed, holes in drywall and other areas of the home. Globally rodents spread over 35 diseases. These diseases can be passed…