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Four Seasons HomeTown termites in foundation

Termites – Pest of the Month

Termites are out in full force and the calls continue to come in. Like last year, termites are swarming early - seen as early as February. Swarming is one of the visible signs. What is a swarmer? A swarmer is where the termites will leave their existing colony and pair up with another to create a new colony. Thus a new king and queen are created and their job is to reproduce for the new colony.…

Four Seasons HomeTown termites

Termite Swarm in North Carolina

Two weeks ago saw my first few calls coming in about a termite swarm in North Carolina. It was the middle of February and to say this is extremely early is an understatement. Normal sightings would be around April time. I mentioned in my last post that we've had a mild winter which has had a knock on effect on the insect and animal world. The fact that swarming termites have been seen already proves that. It's not to say…