Three Facts Homeowners Need to Know About Carpenter Bees

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Carpenter bees come in 500 species across every continent except Antarctica. That’s all very well and good, but what do carpenter bees mean to homeowners?

What Homeowners need to know about carpenter bees

Well, there are three things a homeowner needs to know about carpenter bees:

  1. Carpenter bees are not active all year round. In fact, they hibernate during the winter and cooler months and emerge in the spring.
  2. Male carpenter bees do not have a stinger even though they may appear more aggressive. They will buzz around and be a nuisance if you come near their nest, but they won’t hurt you. The females, on the other hand, do have a stinger, but they will only sting if they are extremely agitated or under threat.
  3. Carpenters bees don’t eat wood like termites. In fact, carpenter bees tunnel into wood (often seen around deck and eave areas). Round half-inch diameter holes are a common sign with traces of sawdust around the holes.

Carpenter bees are excellent pollinators but they can be a pest especially if they are using your deck as their home. It’s best to get the wood treated to deter the bees from the deck and we can help you with that.

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