Bed Bugs and the Top 10 North Carolina Myths

Four Seasons HomeTown bed bugs top 10

I hope that you never have to deal with bed bugs in your lifetime as they are nasty little North Carolina critters which are extremely sneaky and like to hang out in hard to reach places. If you do find yourself in bed bugs situations then here are some facts and myths which may just help you in the long run.

1. Having bed bugs means there are hygiene issues

Myth – In 2004 a nationwide survey of pest professionals was conducted and 72% of bed bug infestations were found in multi family homes and 80% of bed bug infestations were found in private residences. The number of calls we receive as a company are mainly from private residences, but bed bugs can be found in libraries, schools, school buses, hotels, dormitory rooms, pretty much anywhere where humans go in fact.

2. Bed bugs only feed at night

Fact – Bed bugs are nocturnal which means they come out to feed at night. They feed for about 5 minutes and then take a rest whilst the blood is being digested. Anything they can’t digest they excrete and fecal spots can been seen on mattresses including in the tufts and folds.

3. Bed bugs are easy to get rid of

Myth – They are the most difficult pest to get rid of. They are very hardy and elusive and like to hang out in cracks and crevices like behind baseboards, behind loose wallpaper or electrical switch plates and anything else that is hidden from view.

4. Bed bugs only lay 5 eggs a year

Myth – Bed bugs lay between 1 – 5 eggs a day in North Carolina. Add that up over the lifetime of a bed bug and they can produce between 250 – 500 eggs during that period.

5. You can get rid of bed bugs at home yourself

Myth – Because they are one of the hardiest pests to get rid of and they like to hide in cracks and crevices, trying to get rid of them yourself is not really a feasible option. We don’t just say that because we are a pest professional, we say that because they are harder to get rid of than any other pest. Using something like a bug bomb will not get into the hard to reach places where they hide, additionally direct application is required to get rid of bed bugs.

6. Bed bugs are only found in the Northern states

Myth – Bed bugs are a widespread epidemic found across all 50 states.

7. Bed bugs only drink human blood

Myth – Bed bugs prefer human blood, but will also feed on birds, hogs and family pets. They can live for a year without feeding but once fed they are able to mate thus producing eggs resulting in more bed bugs.

Four Seasons HomeTown bed bugs vacuum

8. I can just vacuum the bed bugs up and that will get rid of them

Myth – This will only get rid of some of the bed bugs. 90% of the time, bed bugs will stay out of sight in the harborage area they are spending their time in. Females lay eggs in a cement like material and because they hide in cracks and crevices it’s more than likely that the eggs are hidden from view. These eggs will hatch under optimum conditions making a new wave of bed bugs appear.

9. Only a bed bug sniffing dog can detect bed bugs

Myth – Bed bug sniffing dogs are trained to smell bed bugs in those hard to reach places that a trained technician cannot get access too. A service technician can do a visual inspection but that still leaves many areas which are hidden. A dog is therefore a tool which can dramatically increase the chance of finding bed bugs.

10. I stayed in a hotel, I don’t have to worry about bringing bed bugs home

Myth – Most North Carolina hotels are pretty up to date with bed bugs, however there are occasions when they slip through. If you have recently been away on vacation or a business trip and stayed somewhere else other than your bed, then you can bring them home with you. Because bed bugs are so small, you may not have realized you have transported them home with you. Wash all clothes and ensure you vacuum your luggage case.

Yes we did say top 10, but….

11. Pesticides are the only way to get rid of bed bugs

Myth – With technology moving forward all the time, an effective alternative treatment is the use of heat which kills bed bugs and their eggs. That doesn’t mean to say that you can turn up the heat in your home to kill them. Heat treatments are a constant supply of heat during a certain period of time throughout the structure. Additionally turning down the heat doesn’t get rid of bed bugs either. Just as they can withstand heat up to a certain extent, they can withstand cold temperatures too.

Due to the secretive and elusive lifestyle of bed bugs, they can occupy an environment for a considerable time without being detected. This in turn will allow the bed bug infestation to go undetected for several months leaving a much larger infestation and problem to deal with.

We hope you found our top 10 myths about North Carolina bed bugs beneficial. If you do find yourself with a bed bug infestation please don’t try and treat the problem yourself but do get in contact with a bed bug professional such as ourselves. We cover the Outer Banks, Currituck, Camden, Moyock, Newport News, Virginia Beach and Suffolk. Our friendly and professional staff are on hand to take your call.


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