What Does It Mean to Be Ethical?

I have been in the industry for 20 years and I’ve certainly seen a lot and experienced a lot. I used to work for a multinational company when I was first starting out and was green behind the ears. After a few years of corporate exposure I decided I didn’t like the things I was seeing which is why I branched out on my own. So what things did I see?

  • Using less chemicals for treatments which in turn saved the company money,
  • Overpricing,
  • Scare tactics with elderly or vulnerable people, and
  • Cutting corners and it being all about making money.

All of the above have given me an edge and make me different. You see I’m an ethical person and I have standards. So what does ethical mean? According to the Oxford English Dictionary (my partner is a Brit) the definition of ethical is: to be morally good or correct.

Pest control price

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If someone is giving you a cheaper price then you need to ask yourself what are you getting for your money? If the Department of Agriculture came along and tested the soil after a termite treatment you’d just had, are you 100% sure that the exterminator would receive a glowing report because they’d treated with the right amount of chemicals? Of course being a consumer you shouldn’t have to worry about these things, but you do need to be aware.

Price is important, and I am more than fair and reasonable with my prices. I always give 110% effort on any job that I or my pest technicians treat. Not only is this giving me peace of mind but it’s added reassurance for the homeowner that the job has been done right first time round.

So if someone comes along and undercuts me on my price, then I don’t want the job. Why? Because someone is cutting corners, either not treating the whole building or not using the right mix of chemicals.

Now in terms of chemicals, pest professionals are governed by the law on how to mix them. We have also been specifically trained on the handling of chemicals as well as ensuring that when we mix them they are potent enough to do the job they are intended to be used for. If you imagine wallpaper paste and you use twice as much water to make the wallpaper paste go further, then it’s highly likely that the wallpaper won’t stick properly, or it will start to peel after it’s been hung.

The mission of Four Seasons and HomeTown Pest Control

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Our mission is simple:

“To be the most trusted household pest control professional in South East Virginia and the Outer Banks through the offering of cost effective solutions without compromising quality. We treat all our customers fairly and honestly and these values are embedded at the heart of our business.”

So if you want a pest control treatment and you want it done right, then you don’t need to pay a premium price that the multi national companies charge. If you want to go with the cheapest price then just make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for the price you are paying.

If you live in Dare County, Ocracoke Island, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach or any other of our service areas and would like a home pest inspection, then please call us at (252) 480-2889 / (252) 453-3693 or (757) 729-1744.


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