What to Look for When Choosing a Pest Professional

There are many people that have a fear of insects, bugs, and critters. I’m lucky enough that I don’t, and I love my job, not only because I find what I do interesting, but I get to meet people every day from all walks of life. I take satisfaction in helping out my customers, ensuring they are receiving an affordable, quality service and making sure their pest problems are under control.

What to Look for When Choosing a Pest Professional

This has led me onto a question on what should you do if you don’t want to deal with a pest problem yourself, and you decide to bring in a third party? What should you look for?

  • I’d suggest that you always deal with a qualified and licensed pest management company. Ask to see the credentials of the pest control professional that comes to solve your pest problem. Make sure the exterminator has sufficient training and certifications and experience and check how many years experience they have.
  • Be wary of any companies that come knocking at your door without an appointment wanting to give you a free pest inspection. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in the world that try and take advantage of others. This is a scare tactic and a very unethical approach.
  • If you are entering into a contract with a pest control company, make sure you read the small print and anything that you don’t understand ask for clarification.
  • Find out if you get any kind of guarantee with the work that is being carried out.
  • Check to see if the pest control company has liability insurance and ask for clarification on what the insurance covers.
  • Get a recommendation. If you have a friend or family member who has used their services then this is a great way to see if they are a good company.
  • Beware of exterminators that may be offering bargains that sound too good to be true. They probably are.
  • When it comes to termite control, it’s a tricky one, and I wouldn’t recommend trying to exterminate termites on your own. If you think you have termites, it’s best to leave that to a professional, as there could also be underlying damage that you don’t know about.

From my perspective, my company is about effective preventative control measures. Ensuring my clients are serviced regularly at times to suit them, both inside and out, which keeps the pests under control. I’ve been around the industry to know the tactics that companies use, and I’m not about the hard sell. I have over 20 years in the industry, and I’m a genuine guy trying to make an honest living. I don’t like to see people getting ripped off. Everything I do is for the good of my clients and the service they receive at an affordable price. So if you see something that Crawls, give us a Call at (252) 480-2889 / (252) 453-3693 or (757) 729-1744 or contact us directly. (sorry, my other half keeps making me say that!)


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